Friday Fennec

It’s Friday! Time to get your floof on! What will you be reading this weekend? We’re loving ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl, part of our FS Book Club so feel free to join us and tell us your favourite characters and chapters.

Roald Dahl Centenary

And with those immortal words, Roald Dahl opened up his magical world to us all with adventurous girls and boys, naughty animals, evil witches, horrid Twits and truly giant fruit he’s been a staple of childhood for decades. Here at Fennec HQ we’ll be celebrating with…

Writer spotlight: Vincent Holland-Keen

Fox Spirit’s ‘skulk’ (the term for a group of foxes) is filled with interesting and unique authors. We’ll be dragging them out of the den periodically to ask them about their writing, books, favourite foods and anything else we think of. Have a favourite author? Get…

Roald Dahl Centenary

Words can’t express how influential Roald Dahl has been to us all in the skulk. He’s been a firm fixture on bookshelves for decades and this year we’re celebrating his centenary! Lots of activities going on, including this in Cardiff in September. Put the date in your…

Open Door for Fennec Fox

Are you listening? It’s with great excitement we’re opening the doors of the Fennec Den for members of the Skulk to tell us their tails, sorry tales, to be published next year. We are limiting this first call to writers who have previously worked with Fox…

More FREE books!

We’ve just found this site, FreeKidsBooks and they’ve got FREE books for all ages! Hours of fun. Happy reading.

Fennec Book Club – Billy’s Monsters by Vincent Holland-Keen

A long weekend is the perfect excuse to sit in the garden and read. We hope you’re enjoying ‘Billy’s Monsters’ as much as we are. Which monster do you think is the scariest? Will Billy, Scarlett and co defeat the hoards trying to break through? Read…

It’s World Turtle Day!

It’s World Turtle Day aimed at raising knowledge and highlighting the need to conserve one of our favourite reptiles! To find out more, check out this Wikipedia page. We’re celebrating with our favourite turtles and a BIG pizza! How will you celebrate?

Fennec Book Club – Billy’s Monsters by Vincent Holland-Keen

Blimey, just when you thought you’d get a breather from all the action, something else explodes! It’s been a busy week for Billy, Scarlett and Hester. What’s been your favourite bit so far? Get your copy now, through Fox Spirit Books

Fennec Book Club – Billy’s Monsters by Vincent Holland-Keen

How are you all enjoying Billy’s Monsters? So much has happened already, it’s a roller-coaster ride! Who exactly is Billy and why does he know all about monsters? What exactly is in Billy’s backpack? Why doesn’t Hester speak very much and why is every at the…