Open Door for Fennec Fox

Open door picAre you listening? It’s with great excitement we’re opening the doors of the Fennec Den for members of the Skulk to tell us their tails, sorry tales, to be published next year.

We are limiting this first call to writers who have previously worked with Fox Spirit in order to have a manageable first slush pile.

Fennec is looking for completed novels, aimed at 9-12year olds so no swearing or sex (think The Hunger Games). However, we love to be scared, shocked, thrilled, laugh, have our minds stretched and bent so any genre or genre mash-up is welcome (think Point Horror meets Season One of Buffy). You all know the ethos and magic of Fox Spirit, so we’re looking to bring that to a younger readership.

Stories should be:

  • Aimed at 9-12year olds;
  • Not submitted anywhere else and previously unpublished;
  • Length 50k+;
  • Format – Times New Roman, regular, 12 point, one space after full stop and no headers/footers;
  • Remember to add your name (plus nom de plume if you have one!), novel title, and your email;
  • Please email first three chapters and a synopsis (yes, I know, we hate writing them too) to with the title ‘Fennec Tales’;
  • Submission date 1 November 2016
  • Manuscripts to be submitted as word documents

We ask for First English language rights for world-wide print and ebook. Payment will be by percentage of the sales income via Paypal plus a copy of the printed book. We also ask that all authors publicise the book on their social media platforms as we want to shout about your great work!