Month: May 2016

More FREE books!

We’ve just found this site, FreeKidsBooks and they’ve got FREE books for all ages! Hours of fun. Happy reading.

Fennec Book Club – Billy’s Monsters by Vincent Holland-Keen

A long weekend is the perfect excuse to sit in the garden and read. We hope you’re enjoying ‘Billy’s Monsters’ as much as we are. Which monster do you think is the scariest? Will Billy, Scarlett and co defeat the hoards trying to break through? Read…

It’s World Turtle Day!

It’s World Turtle Day aimed at raising knowledge and highlighting the need to conserve one of our favourite reptiles! To find out more, check out this Wikipedia page. We’re celebrating with our favourite turtles and a BIG pizza! How will you celebrate?

Fennec Book Club – Billy’s Monsters by Vincent Holland-Keen

Blimey, just when you thought you’d get a breather from all the action, something else explodes! It’s been a busy week for Billy, Scarlett and Hester. What’s been your favourite bit so far? Get your copy now, through Fox Spirit Books

Fennec Book Club – Billy’s Monsters by Vincent Holland-Keen

How are you all enjoying Billy’s Monsters? So much has happened already, it’s a roller-coaster ride! Who exactly is Billy and why does he know all about monsters? What exactly is in Billy’s backpack? Why doesn’t Hester speak very much and why is every at the…

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth Be With You! Check out these fun Star Wars based crafts for our Mucky Monday. Don’t forget to post pictures of what you’ve made in the comments below.

We love FREE books!

We LOVE reading here at the fennec den and although we love buying books, free books are great! Here’s the latest edition to our freebie collection and on our virtual To Be Read pile – Aesop’s Fables ‘What the Fox Learnt‘. Download it and let us…

Fennec Book Club – Billy’s Monsters by Vincent Holland-Keen

This month’s book club read is ‘Billy’s Monsters’ by Vincent Holland-Keen. You can buy the book through the Fox Spirit Books website or Amazon. What will you find under your bed? Don’t forget to keep popping back to let us know what you think of the…